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Custom Websites for Body Shops and Mechanics



When you decide to take your auto body shop or your mechanic center digital, you need to do some research. This is because you want to be as close as possible to your clients.  The best way to do this is to have a custom website for body shop and mechanics. This is a website that is tailored to meet the needs of your business rather than the general business.


While there are many website designers available, only few can make a fully custom website. It is noteworthy to take your time and learn whether the company has the skills and technologies required to create and host such a website. In most cases, clients tend to think that any designer can create such a custom website. Extensive knowledge of codes is what such a designer should have. They should also have some level of knowledge in the auto industry. This will help the person what to include in the website pages and make it easy for the users to use the website productively.


Auto body website layout is very crucial. It should be devised in such a way that a person can easily search and find what brings him/her to your website. For instance, if the clients are looking for car mechanic, they should email locate that page and find an action button. The action button can either call or send an email. The website should be mobile friendly as the client is most likely to be suing a mobile phone. Assume that a person was driving down while the car broke down, do you expect them to have a desktop. In most cases, they won't have one but will be accompanied by their mobile phones. Your site should have some buttons like call now, phone message and other social media buttons and your site should have mobile notifications where you can attend to inquiries fast.


The car mechanic website should be easily usable. This involves arranging pages and subdomains in a way that clients can email navigate. For instance, the Auto detailing website will have the about page, auto spare parts, mechanic, vehicle model and so on. This will help client email locate what the need without wasting time. Also, it has to complement with an online chat service to help connect with clients immediately.


Get a custom website with a map to show your place. Buyers should easily locate you as they don't have time to look around. To get more information about web design, visit